Barista Training

At Warbler & Wren we are committed to the delivery of the best coffee solutions for your business.

Alongside an award-winning great tasting coffee, we provide barista training to enhance passion and skill, together with stunning coffee machines of the latest technology. So, you can deliver world class coffee drinks while generating that much sought-after coffee culture.

Train, Barista style

At our dedicated Coffee Training centre you’ll find our coffee experts immersed in generating a coffee culture.

A coffee tasting session with you and your team will help determine the right coffee profile for your business. Our bespoke barista training ensures that we impart the importance of preparing coffee to preserve the excellence of the product.

Barista training can be facilitated on site or at our dedicated training centre based at our Roastery, Broomhill, D24.

Setting Standards

To provide additional on-going support, our field sales team carry out site audits to assess coffee quality and training requirements.

Coconut Iced Latte

The Essentials
Here's what you need before you get brewing.

200ml Alpro Coconut for Professionals
1 double shot of espresso
300ml glass to serve
Ice Cubes

Step One

Fill the glass with ice cubes.

For maximum chill factor, pre-cool the glasses with ice cubes before using them.

Step Two

3/4 fill the glass with Alpro Coconut for Professionals, or milk of your choice.

Alpro milk will give you all the taste of coconut, ideal for those conscious of sugar intake. Choose a Monin Syrup and add two pumps if you are looking to be more creative.

Step Three

Pour in the double shot of espresso.

Step Four

Stir, garnish if being creative and serve.

There’s no chilling without the ICE this season

Equipment Solutions

Mindful of the diversity around the requirements for coffee equipment in different operating environments, we can offer you the most professional range of traditional Barista and automatic espresso machines.

We offer a responsive service & customer team, our dedicated phone support team are backed-up by an experienced team of field service engineers offering full island of Ireland call-out service.

We have partnered with leading global coffee machine suppliers to ensure our customers have access to best-in-class equipment with the latest technology, (including telemetry).


There is no better traditional machine partner than Rancilio.

Their aesthetic design and cutting-edge technology work in harmony with the professional Barista.


Schaerer has endeavoured to unite superior technology with the quest to indulge the senses.
This has been instrumental in making them a leading provider of fully automatic, integrated coffee and milk solutions.